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jewels for evryday (surat) sobota - 10 marzec 2018, 14:09 is a multinational online jewellery portal, entrenched in four different

countries namely Australia, United Arab Emirates, India, and the United
States of America that believes in selling high-quality jewellery made out of conflict-

free diamonds.
Perrian is well known for its beautifully cut diamonds, designs and exceptionally well

deliverance for over 30 years. With proven manufacturing methods and
jewellery designs we proudly provide timeless and fashionable diamond jewellery.
The company’s agenda is to deliver fine jewellery products at the doorsteps of those who

are keen to add to their regalia or gift someone on special occasions;
Saving their time and efforts.

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jewels for evryday (surat) sobota - 10 marzec 2018, 14:08
About us is a multinational online jewelry portal, entrenched in four different countries namely Australia, India, United Arab Emirates and the United States of America that believes in selling high-quality conflict free diamonds.
The company&#8217;s agenda is to deliver fine jewelry products at the doorsteps of the individuals that are keen to add to their regalia or gift someone on special occasions; saving their time and efforts.
This is how we are unique
The main aim behind the establishment of the company is to provide the people from all around the globe who have an appetite for wearing fine jewelry which is made out of diamonds that are originated from Surat(India); a city that is responsible for handling 90%of world&#8217;s diamond cutting and polishing.
Perrian will provide its customers with jewelry products that are manufactured by the company itself followed by the five step quality check process which will ensure that the jewelry is genuine and of the desired excellence.
All the products will be sold directly to the customers&#8217;giving them the benefit of availing our products at manufacturer direct price.This will make customers&#8217; jewelry cost effective and thwart the risk of the product being tampered with.
Our products
You name it, we sell it! From engagement rings to wedding bands and diamond earrings to pendants Perrian sells everything and anything that is made out of high quality real diamonds. The company intends to provide its customers with fine jewelry designs that are unique and trending.
Style begins at Perrian! We promise women that all we only sell the most state of the art jewelry designs.
Still not satisfied! Brace yourself, we have more!!!
Yes! For those of you who are brilliant at designing jewelry, you have been taken care of.
Perrian allows you to design your Jewelry from scratch and guarantees that it will be made exactly the way you&#8217;ve always wanted. Amazing! Isn&#8217;t it?
Our promise:
Our promise is that we will maintain quality and ethical standards; we indulge in a diamond activity only after tracking the whereabouts of its origin and ensure that they are conflict free.
Ethical practices:
We are very cautious when it comes to the origin and legitimacy of the diamonds we use in our jewelry. Perrian has a strict policy of checking the whereabouts of the diamonds and ensuring that they are conflict-free.
We are happy to announce that all of our Jewelry products are EGL (European gemmological Laboratory) certified.
The most topic piece of jewelry that you will ever wear is waiting for you. So don&#8217;t wait and rush to
Happy shopping.
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